This Website details our adventures in Georgia. We hope y'all enjoy the pictures!

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Jackson protecting the Mississippi river

The family at Caddo Lake State Park

Emma and Digby on the road

Jackson and Emma at Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake in East Texas

The Congress Hotel in Tucson

Jackson and Emma in Alabama

Posing in the mossladen Cypress trees

East Texas sunset

The Tucson Inn

Our new house
Take the home tour

Olde Atlanta Club house

Jackson, Preston, C.J. and Camron

Olde Atlanta Club house

First day of school!

Mom and Emma waiting for the school bus

Jackson, C.J. and Emma going to school

Madison, Emma & Morgan

C.J., Preston, Camron and Jackson

C.J., Jackson and Emma

Emma & Jackson on the Chatahoochie

Emma at school

Mom, Emma & Jackson after school


Jackson & Emma Climbing the Waterfall

Jackson & Emma @ Desoto Trail Waterfall

In the Chattahoochee Forest

Emma and Jackson on the Tree Seat

Emma Resting After the Hike

Emma & Desoto

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