This is the part of our lives when we lived in Southern California. We did lot's of cool things like going to the beach, skiing in Mammoth, playing with our family and friends and starting school.

Jackson taking an afternoon siesta

Emma at rest after Thanksgiving dinner

Jackson having fun in the Anza-Borrego desert

Emma's bright smiling face

Posing with "the" Easter Bunny - 2001

Santa and the kids

Jackson and Emma on Balboa Island

Jackson and Emma at rest

Jackson hamming it up

Jackson ready for his close up

Emma enjoying a good book

Jackson working on his chords

Jackson and Dad in Golden Gate Park

Emma giving Mom some gardening tips

Emma in full summer garb

Jackson by the bay

Emma striking an upwards pose

Jackson and cousin Nate at Thanksgiving

Emma enjoying the refreshing water

Jackson in his Blue Shark's uniform

Emma & Jackson having fun with blocks

Emma getting ready for her coffee house debut

Emma giggling

Emma after giggles

Christmas kids - 2001

Family Christmas - 2001

Jackson and sea slug at the tide pools

Jackson's first school picture

Flower Girl Emma at cousin Carrie's wedding

Jackson's second school picture

Emma, Jackson & Baboo having birthday cake

Emma turns three

The kids rocking out while Dad works

Jackson and Emma at the Christmas party

Mom and Emma reading books

Jackson in Photoshop land

Emma smiling big and bright

Jackson's smile

Caught in quiet contemplation

Jackson and Emma in the kitchen

Jackson ready for battle

Emma cookie laughing

The kids at home

Jackson & Emma at rest

Dad and Jackson on the boat

Jackson and Emma

Emma 2003

2002 School picture

Speedy Snakes soccer team picture

Jackson & Emma at the beach

Emma at the tide pools

Jackson at the beach

Jackson & Emma at the tide pools

Jackson and his dog

Jackson playing in the sand

Jackson and Emma at the tide pools

Hawaiian Emma

Jackson having fun

Emma up a Tree

Emma on her cool new big wheel

Dad and Emma

Emma, Christmas 2002

Emma's First school picture!

Jackson at Centennial Farms

Emma and Jackson at the L.B. Aquarium

The Southern & Northern CA Scharnell's

Emma & Jackson at Home

Emma and Jackson at the LB Aquarium

Emma in Nature

Jackson and Cade at the Beach

Emma at Sora's Wedding

Jackson Soccer 2003

Emma & Macy - Soccer 2003

Emma Close Up

Emma at Sora's Wedding Party

Jackson Close Up

Jackson at the Beach

Family Playing Uno

The Pink Butterflies!

Jaden and Emma

Emma at Soccer Practice

Emma, Jackson, Kesley & Kendra

Emma, Jackson, Kesley & Kendra

Jackson at School

Green Viper Team Photo

Jackson Hugging Trees

Pink Butterflies Team Photo

Emma and Macy

Emma going for the goal

Pink Butterflies Team Picture

Emma and Mommy

The Jackolantern Pose

Emma Ride's

Jackson @ Apple Valley

Emma and Dad Gondola Pose

Emma at I Street

Jackson @ Apple Valley

Red Nite #2

Jackson in a serious moment

Jackson & Dad Tearing it Up @ Mammoth

Jackson in the Mammoth Gondola

Emma & Baboo @ Mammoth

Mammoth 2004

Julie at the Heights

Emma Captures Jackson's Soul

@ Mammoth

Dad Can Read

Mom Can Read

Cole & Emma Sled and Snow

JJ @ Mammoth

Mammoth Snow

@ Mammoth

Emma at the Beach

Mom in Big Bear

Baboo & Julie Smile

At the Game

Emma & Dad Grooming Bald Child

Mom + Snow

Emma & Mom @ Sora's Wedding

Emma and Breakers

Emma, Sora & Baboo in Newport

Julie @ Big Bear

Emma and mom - hanging out

Digby soaking up the sun

Emma girl #1

Emma girl #2

Out on the boat

Emma and Dad on the boat

Jackson and Dad on the boat

Jackson on the boat

Cade surfing Newport

Cade & Jackson

Emma & Dad