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This is the Home page of Jackson Peter Scharnell, born on the 28th day of January, Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Seven at 3:52 AM.

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Born January 28th, 1997

3:52 AM

9 Pounds Even

20 Inches Long

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Minutes After Birth


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Father and Son Bonding


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Blue Eyes

Dark Brown Hair

Very Happy & Content

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Jackson at Rest


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A Very Peaceful Baby


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Very Strong From Birth

Sleeps through the Night & Has Great Motor Skills

Took First Trip to Mexico

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Jackson and his Mom


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Full After a Hearty Meal


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Went on Road Trip to Northern California

Went to the San Francisco Zoo

Met Three New Baby Friends: Zoe, Sierra, & Christopher

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A Very Happy Boy


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Having Fun at the San Francisco Zoo


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Took First Plane Trip to Michigan

First Ride on 4 Wheeler

Met his Veenstra and Nagelkirk Family

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In the Michigan Forest


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First Experience With Motorcycles


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Jackson's First Christmas

Loves to Pull his Dog Digby's Ears

Starting to Walk December of 1997

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Christmas Time 1997


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Jack and Santa

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Loves The Ocean

California Beach Bum

Knows Many New Words

Beach Boy

Catching Some Ray's


Soul Man

Blowing Harp - A True Blues Man

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Jackson's Second Christmas

Talks in Sentences

Loves Pickles

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Christmas Time 1998


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Hanging Out in Laguna

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baby girl

Thursday, July 30, 1998 - First Image of Jackson's Baby Sister!
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